works of authentic art...

The mission of Halper Fine Art is to create portraits that are not only an affirmation of the love and bond your family shares, but are also works of fine art photography appropriate to any collection.

The family portrait was once the domain of the most talented and respected painters of their time. Today those images hang in galleries and museums.

With the advent of photography, the photographic portrait evolved to replace the painted portrait and remained a respected art form for many years. As photography became more common, so did the practitioners. Over the better part of the last century what was once an art form has devolved into the lowered standards that account for an uncommonly high number of families being photographed in white shirts and denim pants.

We believe in a higher standard, and have developed an approach to creating family portraits rooted in classic mid and early 20th century photographic aesthetics that have already withstood the test of time.

A Mark Robert Halper original that you display in your home is a work of art you can take pride in sharing with your family and friends, and will give you joy and satisfaction for generations to come.

Our studio would be honored to create your family portrait.


meet the artist...

A professional photographer for over two decades, Mark Robert Halper has built a successful career in a competitive field by bringing a consistent vision to a diverse clientele that includes national magazines, advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

As his career continues to evolve, Mr. Halper’s creative emphasis has been increasingly focused on his fine art photography. Four books of his work have been published over the last decade:

Between Seer and Seen: Celebrating the Artists of Santa Barbara County (2013)

Legacy: A New Tradition of Family Portraiture (2013)

Sunlight and Water: Celebrating the Winemakers of Santa Barbara County (2010)

The Bed Project (2007)

Sunlight and Water was exhibited extensively throughout Central and Southern California, most notably the six month Meandering Gallery exhibition that spanned ten locations in the towns of Los Olivos, California.

Between Seer and Seen was also very well reviewed when it was released, and culminated six months later in a Second Fridays Art Exhibition in Santa Barbara.

Halper Fine Art is a family business. Mark Robert Halper married Jennifer Hunt in 2007, and it was only a few months later that Halper Fine Art was first conceived. Mark Robert Halper explains, “It wasn’t until I got married that being a photographer who worked with families seriously entered my mind. I’m sure that it was rooted in the feelings I have for my wife; it is her presence in my life that opened up this door. As a serious photographer, I felt that there was an unfilled need; I’d seen very few family portraits that I would have chosen to display on the walls in our home.”

“There is a sense of pride and accomplishment in creating something that is so valued by others. We really enjoy the time we spend with our clients, and feel gratified when we create work that our clients love.”

Mr. Halper has been featured on television programs such as Ten Years YoungerStarting Over, and Designing Your Life. Mr. Halper has been commissioned to photograph such notable personalities and celebrities as  Randy Jackson, Lauren Hutton, David Boreanaz, Gene Simmons, Tori Spelling, James Marsters, Ben Stein, Adrianne Palicki, Frank Gehry, Sumner Redstone, and Mr. T.

Photo by Jennifer Halper

Photo by Jennifer Halper

For me, there is no middle ground in my artwork. If I’m going to create an image at all, I’m going to put my entire heart into it.

A great portrait should be visually compelling, well composed, beautifully lit, and capture something of the soul. It’s got to be special.



Meet the team...

Jennifer Halper, the “other half” of the Halper Fine Art leadership team, spent seven years on Academy Award winning visual effects teams. You’ve seen her work in the first three Spiderman movies, Superman ReturnsThe Chronicles of Narnia, and many other major motion pictures. Jennifer works largely behind the scenes handling a range of responsibilities. Her contribution is most visible in the seamless work she does to retouch and enhance the way all of our subjects look in their portraits. Jen has spent much of her life traveling. Jen lived in Japan for five years, where she received her MFA, and also spent a year in Soviet Georgia between high school and college. When not working hard into the evening, Jen can be found dancing on ice.

Denise Mijares, our studio manager, is a California native and graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2008. Denise has  gone on to work for many photo studios as well as photographers. Denise originally started at HFA working with our clients during their sessions, and we were ecstatic when she was able to come on as studio manager about a year later. Denise's job is to guide each of our clients through their photographic journey, and to ensure that their overall experience reflects our highest standards. In her off time, Denise can be found indulging herself with personal creative projects that range from DIY to photography.

Nicole Brannon joined the Halper Fine Art team in 2015 to coordinate the studio’s marketing and  fundraising efforts for both the Los Angeles and Santa Ynez studios.  Nicole enjoys working with area non-profits, schools and other local businesses to bring our portraiture to as many families as possible, while also giving back to the community.  A San Fernando Valley native, Nicole has a had a lifelong love affair with all things L.A..  When she isn’t at the studio, she can usually be found at the latest foodie hotspot, lounging at the beach, or strolling Ventura Boulevard.  

Chris Kissel works behind the scenes at Halper Fine Art on our various marketing and outreach efforts. He loves extending Halper Fine Art’s work into the community, and also loves the nitty-gritty logistical work that goes on in the background. Nothing, however, beats seeing a happy family take home a portrait they’ll keep and cherish forever. Chris has lived all over the United States, but has never been happier than he is in sunny Southern California. He likes listening to music, reading books about American presidents, and hosts a music podcast.