an experience that will bring your family closer…


We had the privilege of working with Mark and his staff for a family photo session. Our experience was tremendous. Mark struck us as being a “Photographer's photographer." He paid attention to all the details to help us feel comfortable and confident that the photos would be prized possessions. This was no easy fete since he was dealing with two 4 year old twins!

He and his staff worked with our children beautifully!! The staff was patient with them, got them to "be themselves" and thus was able to capture some truly amazing shots.

The final photos were stunning! We gave several as Christmas gifts this past year and the recipients were left with their mouths wide open in amazement of how beautiful and artistic the photos looked. When I first saw them I was truly blown away. I had tears in my eyes.

Mark and his staff make you feel special throughout the entire process. Your hosted in his beautiful studio. There is no hard sell and he is gracious whether you order one or all the photos.

If you are looking for truly stunning work you won't go wrong with Mark. Jenny is also super helpful, available and kind!!!  Wish there were more businesses like this one!

Steve Artiga

We love the pictures.

The whole experience was a total joy!

Sherry Lansing



Mark Robert Halper creates family portraits like no other. After finding his studio in 2011 through a charity auction, my wife and I were so happy with the portrait results that we came back again in 2016 since our family had grown. We have images of our family and our children through his lens that we could not have otherwise obtained ourselves or through another photographer. 

We have all had our fair share of family picture days - the ones where the whole family goes to the beach or the local park and tries to coordinate outfits. They can be tough and long with little children (mine are 4 and 9), but Mark has a way of getting the best out of all of us at the same time. With Mark, we find trust in the way he interacts with out children and the proof is in the images he obtains. I can't recommend Mark Robert Halper enough if you are looking for a great family portrait that captures everyone in one moment in time. It is an investment to be sure, but we love the work he does and the walls of our house are proof of that. 

Mark K. Ruiz

Your portraits are truly pieces of art. From the first time I saw the portraits in your studio I was in awe and I am pleased to say I am still in awe with them. 

First of all, everyday I see the portraits on our walls, they bring a smile to my face. Of course I know that part of it is because I see my two daughters, but the way you captured the expressions and personalities in the portraits is simply amazing and beautiful.

Your studio was professional, courteous and helpful throughout the entire process. You or someone on your staff was almost always available to answer any questions when I called. If by chance I left a message I always received a phone call back within the day. We appreciated the fact you were accommodating to our family with the timing and dates for our sessions since we live in San Diego. In addition during our session you understood each family member’s personality and adjusted the session so everyone was at ease. 

Thank you again for wonderful experience.

Brian and April Sands



YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I just had to respond when I saw your email. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pieces. They are absolutely beautiful and we will treasure them always. THANK YOU so much! 

Working with you all was a complete pleasure and we are so grateful to you for these beautiful heirlooms which are now gracing the walls of our home. The portraits are beyond anything we could have imagined. You truly captured our family. You far exceeded our expectations and I will definitely be referring my friends to you. 

God bless you for capturing the grandest aspect of God's creation: the family. 

Thank you so much for sharing this gift that you have with us and others. These portraits are such a blessing to us! And please do thank your lovely wife for her editing too. She did a beautiful job! 

Amy Walston

Absolutely fabulous. 

We've recommended you to everyone we know.

Melissa Areffi



We would like to say thank you so much for the art that will forever bless our home. I was literally in tears when Julian came home last week and revealed the pieces. Your work left me speechless. Thank you for capturing our family the way that you did. We can't wait to share these with our family and friends.

Roxanne and Julian Mosley

I look at the portraits on my wall and 5 years later they can still bring a tear to my eyes.

You did a magnificent job capturing my girls while they were playing and enjoying each other. I can see their innocence, love and joy that make my girls so beautiful. Every time I look at those portraits), I see the blessings that were giving to my wife and I. 

I don't know why, but I felt compelled to email you, and share my feelings and to say, once again, Thank you! My girls (and their cousins) had a wonderful experience during the session and we have a lasting reminder of our love for them captured on our wall.

Thank you, again, to you and your team.

Anthony Munoz



I wanted to thank you for creating a beautiful treasure for me and my family. We all feel that the artwork looks beautiful in our living room. 

Rhonda Snyder

We had a wonderful experience with you from start to finish. I have told everyone about it.

The initial consultation made it clear that we were in for a unique experience. My fiancé and I (definitely my fiancé!) never spend this much money on anything; not even his beloved mountain bikes! However, we have not regretted our purchase for a single second. The photos are absolutely stunning and I still stare at them in amazement. We appreciated that we were never coerced into anything, and that we were free "to dream" about what we would love to own, and then get a package that fit our budget. I will never forget the unveiling of the images during the slideshow for the rest of my life. My heart was filled with awe, and my eyes, tears of pure joy.

Everyone who sees the photos comments on how gorgeous they are, and secondly, the amazement that anyone could get pictures of a toddler like that. You truly captured every single emotion my daughter has, it wasn't just about the smile. That is what I wanted. I wanted to freeze her in time. As a working mom, my moments with her are precious, and to know that she has been preserved in these photos makes my heart ache a little less as she getting bigger.

Vanessa Rutherford



We absolutely love these.

Your work is admired on a daily basis. 

Robert Duncan

Our beautiful art is finally up on ours walls and looks spectacular! 

Karina Schweitzer



I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart how much I love these photos. I've been virtually unable to work today because I just sit and stare at them. I've been showing the book off to friends all day.

Your work truly drew tears when we watched the first slide show and indeed did again when we received the final prints. The photos of the kids captured the way I see them every time I close my eyes. It'll absolutely be treasured by me forever.

Stuart Thomas

I want to say, "thank you!" My family is eternally thankful for the timeless photos you've taken for us. 

I will be telling everyone I know to use you for their fine art in the future.

I would also like to complement your staff as they are extremely professional and helpful!!! You make the client experience unbelievable! 

Leif Nelson



We are beyond thrilled with the photographs! Mark truly captured the beauty and essence of our family. He is a consummate storyteller who creates intimate, and beyond magnificent images! Our portraits will forever be heirlooms for generations of storytelling. A once in a lifetime experience.....Thank you, Mark! 

Scott and Kimberly Sheldon

What an experience it was, and I love the structured approach Mark takes with his clients. Our 4 year old loved Mark and his team. We were treated wonderfully and respectfully. He is a truly talented individual and this artwork will be in our family for years and years. 

Every time we have someone over they always compliment our family portraits. We would do it again in a heartbeat.

Kelly Meza


Pellant-1094_r_v1 - CANVAS.jpg

Without a doubt, we can honestly say that our expectations were exceeded by the experience you created for our family.

The idea of family portraits with 3 small kids was overwhelming but you and your staff created a comfortable, professional environment that even our young children enjoyed!

The anticipation of your artwork was suspenseful! But in the end, you captured the essence of our family and created the most incredibly engaging photos we have ever seen. Once placed on our walls, the images created a formal and finished feel to our home. As we go about our busy lives, we find ourselves pausing for just a moment to look at the art you created for our family. We are reminded everyday just how fortunate we are to have come across your talent.

Thank you for capturing this precious time in our life through your passion and vision.

Maren and Butch Pellant

Thinking about having a formal family portrait done with 3 small children causes a bit of anxiety (ok, more than a bit).  The minute we walked into Mark's studio, we were completely put at ease.  Mark and his team were the utmost professionals. My husband and I were able to sit and relax while Mark photographed our 3 children.  When it was time for the family portrait, they made it fun and easy.  The photographs are AMAZING!  Somehow, Mark was able to catch each child's personality.  We will cherish them always.

Kate Candelora

Thank you for a wonderful family portrait experience.  You instantly put us at ease and made us feel fabulous. 

Thank you for making it easy and fun.  You are a true professional artist and we look forward to having your work in our home for years to come.

Alex and Mel Van Fleet


We love our pictures and they look great on our walls.

The books are beautiful and we know that our boy’s future mates will truly appreciate them.

Thank you for a fun experience.  The pictures have become the focal point in our dining room and living room, and a true marketing billboard for your talents.  We are more than happy to share with our friends how those moments came to be.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again in the future when we are ready to capture the next phase in our family.

Farrell and Shane Foley


Tanya, my husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a lovely experience yesterday!

Mark, it was magical to watch you interact with Tanya; she is usually a very shy child and you really got her to interact and respond.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Cristina Gallegos

I want to extend a sincere thanks for the warmth and care you took to create our priceless works of art. 

The day we spent with you in your studio will be forever etched in our memories.  Michael and I had the Best experience with you and our photo shoot.  It was truly and experience of a lifetime and one that in think everyone should experience. 

The photos are simply gorgeous!  I have told all of my friends about our adventure and our photos. 

I can't tell you how blown away friends and family are when they see the portraits hanging on the wall of our home for the first time.

Jenifer and Michael Klatt

It was an absolute pleasure working with all of you throughout the entire process.  You went over and above to make the client feel special in this and created a unique experience from beginning to end.   I am thrilled with our purchases!  We hung them right away and I can't stop looking at them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love them!
Karen Kostrencich

My husband and I won a local silent auction for a family portrait session. The entire appointment setting process was thorough and very professional.

Mark and his team made us feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time. We would definitely suggest using Halper Fine Art for your family's next portraits!

Britny Buford


The experience my family and I had with you and your staff was exceptional. Every encounter we had was pleasant and professional, from scheduling the shoot to receiving the final product. Everyone who has seen the artwork has been in awe. Your work is truly exquisite. Thank you so much for creating treasures that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Marlena Giardino

Mark is an amazing photographer! He exceeded all our expectations with professionalism and very kind disposition. He carved out 3 hours to work with our kids and the end result was simply amazing.

We went back the day after to watch the presentation, and ended up selecting four images for our kids which were just delivered this past weekend.

Words simply cannot describe the quality of his work . . . he captured our kids personality / soul to perfection.

I wouldn't choose anybody else for this kind of work.  I give Mark my highest recommendation.

Our photographs looks like they belong in a fine art gallery.

Thanks Mark!

Alberto Andrade



Thank you so much for the amazing art work you created for my family.

The whole experience and process, your professionalism and the passion of your staff made this experience wonderful. Your portraits capture theessence and love our small family has for each other.

I am glad to have made this investment that will be in my family for years and generations to come. Thank you for your vision and amazing talent. I am sure that you will continue making many families happy with your work. Everyone in my extended family is very impressed with the portraits and I can't wait to share them.

Thank You and may you continue touching lives!

Patricia Umaña-De La Rosa

We are loving the images and believe it or not we actually found places to hang them in our little transformed goat shed.  

Thanks for checking on us with the last wildfire. It was the closest one yet.  It was almost 20 feet from the main house on the ranch.  I had taken Giacomo to school and then the fire started.  I went flying back up the mountain and almost got arrested trying to get through so I could rescue my pictures from the house.  I was an emotional wreck - all I cared about was my new Halper images.  I could not believe I had them a couple of days and I might loose them.  

Thankfully a co-worker grabbed them for me and brought them to town.  Once I had them I could relax and wait to see if we were going to loose our home or not.  What a Day!

We had such fun the day we took the pictures - thank you.  

Nikole, Marco, Giacomo and Alma Paulos


Our portraits turned out amazing! We will be sure to share our experience - the photos truly captured our family! Thanks so much!

Steve, Stacie, and Parker Ritchie


Thanks so much! The photos look wonderful!

The quality of the big prints is really lovely. The kids' faces turned out just about life-size so it almost feels as though they are right there in person! Since in the fall they will both be away (Nick at Juilliard for drama, Emily--who is now married--at med school) it will be comforting to have such beautiful portraits of them where we see them all the time.

You made everything go very smoothly. We will definitely refer friends to you.

Thanks again!

Amanda Podany


The art work that he created for us was amazing.  It's hung in our home and we have enjoyed it so much (and received many compliments) that we just returned for another session and to have a new family portrait and photos of our kids.  Even though I had high expectations for this second session, I was still blown away by the amazing photos he took of our family.

When Mark met my 1 year old for the first time, he got down on the floor, eye level with her and talked to her very calmly.  It's not a rushed or quick photo shoot so I think that helped my kids (and me!) to not feel stressed.  My older child looked forward to going because she remembered it from last time.

I love how different it is from other types of family photography and how true he is to his artistic point of view.  I'd rather have this artwork on my walls than something generic.

One thing that struck me is how much he was able to capture expressions and aspects of our kids' personalities.  He captured some genuine joyful expressions.

Our biggest issue is that it was hard to choose between all the images that we loved so much . . . a good problem to have! 

Rebecca Mills

Our investment in these timeless pieces is one of the best decisions we have made as a family and Mark is the most talented photographer and artist we have encountered. He put it perfectly when he said, “It is time to move on from white shirts and jeans on the beach.” He was right.

The portraits he did of our family, individually and together, are the most meaningful pieces of artwork we have in our home. His style is comfortable and relaxed, and he captures the most amazing emotion and family dynamic I have ever seen.

Stephanie Barrymore



Fine Art is an understatement of what you gave to our family. I cannot thank you enough for your absolutely amazing wall portrait and gorgeous albums of four generations of women.

I started out looking for a studio to take a few simple photos of me and my six-year old daughter.  After one conversation with you, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to also capture this moment in time with my grandmother, mother, and twin sister. Thank you so much for allowing me to see the moment in the first place so that I would bring everyone together. Then, thank you for so effortlessly capturing the essence of each of us in the portraits. The session was easy, and the portraits are stunning.

I have never seen us – the love, the connection, the moment – captured like that. The depth and beauty of each portrait is so incredible. Each portrait represents who we are and how we love each other. You see us laughing and hugging and loving one another so tenderly, so happily, in such amazing definition. Really, the portraits are so incredibly natural and fun and warm and truly beautiful. Thank you so very much. I smile every time I look at the wall portrait. As my grandmother says, it was the gift of a lifetime.

Marie Wrighten

We are so pleased with the final products and know that they were the result of your experience, hard work, and the assistance of your very kind staff. 

We are glad you captured these timeless images of our children at their young ages, 8 and 6, and that you stressed the importance of a family portrait as an investment, which we have now come to appreciate.

Lee Tsao


We love our pieces - they turned out absolutely perfect!  They truly capture a moment in time with our daughter and I know we will cherish them forever.

Katie Hofmann

Reinders-1477 Warm Tone.jpg

It was such a pleasure to go for our sitting, and to have that family time.  We have never done anything like that before.  It was quite an experience for us.  And we enjoyed every minute of it.  Then, when our photos were done, well, there are no words.  A mother just dreams for one good family photo.  Every portrait was breath-taking.  I cried.  Those portraits are more than I could have ever dreamed of.   
And there is such a sense of pride when anyone sees them for the first time.  Usually there is quite a long gaze and commentary including how they have never seen anything like them before and how fabulous each and every portrait is.  

Livia Reinders

Hinojosa-1159 Warm Tone.jpg

We are loving our pictures!!! We hung the two large portraits in the spot we planned and they look beautiful! I find myself frequently just sitting and taking them in, they are so beautiful and peaceful.

They truly cause me to pause and reflect and find myself renewed after such a moment. These photos were extra special, if you recall, with this being a year of many milestones ~ Aaron and I both turned 40, Sarah graduated from high school and turned 21, Grace turned 5 and started kindergarten and Aaron and I celebrated ten years of marriage. The photos are a true reminder of the many blessings in our life.

Olivia Hinojosa

Oh Mark, it’s beautiful and wow, everyone in our family loves it. My new husband and I are so thrilled that we are lucky enough to have a Mark Robert Halper portrait.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It wasn’t until the artwork was properly hanging in our dining room that we realized the full impact of how you perfectly captured our spirit. We already know that my son will ultimately be the proud owner of this memento. Alexander and I thank you!

Ana Murman


200     Kostrzewa-1577_r_v1.jpg

We want to let you know that the pictures look phenomenal is our home, and that everybody who enters our place comments on them.

Thank you so much again.

Tom Kostrzewa

From the moment we entered Mark’s studio he and his lovely wife Jennifer made us feel very comfortable. This was our first professional photo session as a family and Mark and Jennifer made it a lot of fun and were very good at getting our cranky toddler to participate.

Every time I look at our walls and see our family portraits I am so happy that we had them done. I will never tire of looking at them. Not only do they capture us as a family in a style that’s unforgettable, they are beautiful works of art that we will always treasure. Thanks again, Mark and Jennifer.

Robyn Kimbrough


Thank you for your desire to produce such high quality work and customer satisfaction. We are very pleased with the artwork.

We have received many compliments on the two pieces that are displayed in our living room as well as the additional photos in the album.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Patti Cook


We are so pleased with our purchases.  We have been admiring them for some time now and are so glad that we made the investment in capturing our whole families.  Our grandkids had so much fun sitting for the photos and the group family shots were great fun for all.
I have had them on display downstairs and waxing poetically about the experience and quality to all friends and other family members!!! 
Again, thanks for our memories, and catching a moment in time that will remain forever in our hearts.
Sandy Badone


I just wanted to say thank you for our gorgeous pictures!! We LOVE them and have had sooo many friends and family members who have seen them and love them too!! We can't wait to enjoy them for years to come!

Thanks for making the process a relaxed and enjoyable one. 

Kristen and William Robertson


Our session with Mark, and the resulting portraits, exceeded our expectation. I was brought to tears.

Thank you again,

Vanessa Neale


I just wanted to say thank you for making our experience at your studio so amazing.  When I was there today to pick up our pictures I told Lauren that my kids keep asking to come back for another photo shoot! 

The experience has been amazing from beginning to end.  We always felt special and the attention to detail is unmatched.  When I saw the finished product I was so happy!  Not only did you capture the personality of each of our family members, your wife also made me look about 10 years younger!

Nothing was left to chance.  You and your staff have thought of everything from the phone calls preparing us for the photo shoot to the champagne and music as we saw the photos for the first time.  I am in awe of your talent and am proud to have your work hanging in my home for all who come here to see.

Please feel free to give out our name and telephone number as a reference to any prospective client.  I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen!

Thanks again for everything!

Janet Lietsch

The pieces are beautiful. I hung the one of Alex standing with Hershel in my office this morning. It’s absolutely stunning.

I showed off the book and smaller pieces at the office when I returned yesterday to critical acclaim.  Thank you.

Elaine Lemke



Mark captured the essence of our family in each of his magical images.

Giving our children the space to be themselves and create their own natural moments led to completely organic images that brought out the true spirit of each child. Mark is a perfectionist, and his artistic vision and eye for detail produced memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Shawnda Marmorstein

Badone-6395 Warm Tone.jpg

Mark and his staff were very professional from the minute we called to schedule an appointment for a photography session for our children. 

Mark really is an artist and has established a reputation as a fine art photographer.  As with any artist, he has a style that he is passionately committed to.  His passion comes through in the work that he produces. 

The images he took of our teenage/young adult children perfectly captured their personalities and personal styles.  He has set himself apart as a fine artist. 

Leslie White



We are enjoying the photo art tremendously.  Words like amazing, so moving, it's so emotional I think I need to sit down and starte at it, beautiful, artistic, ... and so many more are used as our friends and family stop and stare at your work. It's wonderful!

Julia Fikse

The pictures are amazing.  Mark has far exceeded our expectation.  My husband and I are very happy that we did the investment and got the portraits of each kids. 

I have shared the photos with my friends and families.  All loved the pictures.  Many have commented how amazing Mark is.

Lisa Wang


THANK YOU!  We are BLOWN AWAY AND SO IMPRESSED with your talent and the quality of the artwork.  WOW!  Thank you so much.

Amanda Koper