What to Wear for Your Session...

The choices that you make today for your portrait session will live on for generations as art on the walls of your home.  Properly preparing for your session will be well worth the time and effort involved.

1.  All of your clothing should be black or close to black in tone.
Your clothing can be of any color as long as it is very dark (such as navy).  (In black and white, colors never clash.)  Mid-tone options are only appropriate in very limited circumstances, such as a shirt worn under a coat.  Light and white tones are never appropriate.

2.  Be stylish and dress up.
Think of this as your family’s night on the town, at a dinner party, or a fundraiser, where everybody looks and feels their best.  If your personality is casual, focus on clothing with a strong sense of style and texture.

3.  Men should always wear coats and jackets.
A great leather jacket or wool coat works just as well as a suit or sports coat.  vests with long sleeve button down black or navy shirts work particularly well with younger boys.

4.  Your clothing should fit and flatter.
There is no way around something a size too big or too small, or too long or too short; properly sized clothing is always the most flattering.

5.  Please bring several complete outfits for each family member.
Options are essential.

Avoiding Portrait Faux Pas

• Leave your white and light clothing at home. Blacks and darks are essential.  Most clothing photographs much lighter than it really is.

• Don’t dress casually. This is a special day.

• Patterns and stripes can be distracting. Choose textures instead.

• Clothing with words, larger logos, or pictures are never appropriate.

Please also avoid:
• Polo/golf/tennis (three button) shirts
• Clothing that does not fit well
• Nails in need of a manicure

There are photographers who ask everybody to dress in the same clothing (usually jeans and white shirts).  We refer to this as the “family portrait uniform”.  Mr. Halper will not photograph a family that is dressed in this manner.

Our Tips for a Successful Session

• Try on clothing ahead of time to be sure everything fits properly and looks great.

• Women often photograph well in dresses and skirts.

• Men should always bring coats or jackets (of just about any kind).  Layering adds depth and dimension.

• Dark or black jeans are an outstanding staple (provided everybody isn’t wearing them).

• Textures, such as lace, leather, and knits, add dimension and interest without being distracting.

• Eyeglasses should have a non-reflective coating.

• Props work well.  Bring that favorite stuffed animal, musical instrument, or baseball glove and ball.

• Little girls look adorable in party dresses.

• If Mom and Dad are excited about the session, that attitude will carry into a better experience for the kids.


• Get a haircut, if needed, and allow it time to settle in.

• Manicures and pedicures are recommended.

• Spend a little extra time on your makeup (and bring your makeup bag with you).


Most importantly, please be sure your family is well rested and well fed.  

You can’t hide a bad mood, or fake a good one.



A Successful Selection of Clothing
The dark tones and colors of this clothing are just right for our studio and will make you look your best.  Limit mid-tones and patterns (the blue shirt on the right will actually photograph as a very light color, and would only be worn under a coat or jacket).

An Unsuccessful Selection of Clothing
The tones and colors of this clothing are far too light, aren’t appropriate for being photographed in our studio, and won’t be flattering.  Just having a few dark options is not enough for your session.