Client Testimonials

Without a doubt, we can honestly say that our expectations were exceeded by the experience you created for our family.

The idea of family portraits with 3 small kids was overwhelming but you and your staff created a comfortable, professional environment that even our young children enjoyed!

The anticipation of your artwork was suspenseful! But in the end, you captured the essence of our family and created the most incredibly engaging photos we have ever seen. Once placed on our walls, the images created a formal and finished feel to our home. As we go about our busy lives, we find ourselves pausing for just a moment to look at the art you created for our family. We are reminded everyday just how fortunate we are to have come across your talent.

Thank you for capturing this precious time in our life through your passion and vision.

Maren and Butch Pellant, Pasadena

Just wanted to say thank you for our gorgeous pictures!! We LOVE them and have had sooo many friends and family members who have seen them and love them too!! We can’t wait to enjoy them for years to come! Thanks for making the process a relaxed and enjoyable one. Thank you again!!

Kristen and William Robertson, Orcutt

I could not be happier with my art. The photos are simply spectacular. I have already spent so much time just gazing at them.

Initially, I was skeptical, not of your skill, but rather of the likelihood you would actually capture my kids as I know them. But you got them.

Daphne Stewart, San Marino

We are loving the images and believe it or not we actually found places to hang them in our little transformed goat shed.

Thanks for checking on us with the last wildfire. It was the closest one yet. It was almost 20 feet from the main house on the ranch. I had taken Giacomo to school and then the fire started. I went flying back up the mountain and almost got arrested trying to get through so I could rescue my pictures from the house. I was an emotional wreck – all I cared about was my new Halper images.  I could not believe I had them a couple of days and I might lose them.

Thankfully a co-worker grabbed them for me and brought them to town. Once I had them I could relax and wait to see if we were going to lose our home or not.  What a Day!

We had such fun the day we took the pictures – thank you.

Nikole, Marco, Giacomo and Alma Paulos, Santa Barbara

We are enjoying the photo art tremendously. Words like “amazing,” “so moving,” “it’s so emotional,” “I think I need to sit down and stare at it,” “beautiful,” “artistic,” and so many more are used as our friends and family stop and stare at your work. It’s wonderful!

We love them. Thank you so much.

Julia Fikse, Canoga Park

I went to Halper Fine Art because I wanted a way to immortalize a moment in my children’s life. Mark and his staff listened to my desires; we spoke multiple times prior to our studio appointment regarding our desires, investment pricing & how to prepare our kids for the appointment. The Artist and staff are honest, caring and absolutely amazing! My 3 1/2 yr old twins had melt downs and the staff calmed them and us down.

The “order” appointment was a fantastic, theatrical presentation in which Mr. Halper escorted us through a physical and virtual tour of his work. The atmosphere was intimate, serene it gave us deep respect for the unique talent the Artist has to capture emotion and the subject’s inner beauty, thoughts and character. The screen came alive with our children’s images, full of emotion, personality and even a glimpse into the future in a form foreign to us. I cried tears of love and joy at how beautiful & special my boys really are he strengthened the parent child bond & made it timeless.

Mr. Halper was honored by our reaction and we understood why he reaches out to regular families like us in addition to his more famous clients, as our praise is his true reward. His knowledge of fine art and display kept us on track and made it fun choosing which images would become timeless art work for our home and all this within budget. The process is a magical experience that is affordable. I will cherish this memory and my one of a kind pieces will bring me a lifetime of joy. Thank you for sharing your gift with our family, Mr. Halper.

Laura Johnson, Lompoc

The images from Mr. Halper have made our home. We aren’t quite sure what we did without them.

I can’t even begin to tell you how pleased we are with the photos.

Stephen M. Moriyama, Anaheim Hills

We love our pictures and they look great on our walls.

The books are beautiful and we know that our boy’s future mates will truly appreciate them.

Thank you for a fun experience.  The pictures have become the focal point in our dining room and living room, and a true marketing billboard for your talents.  We are more than happy to share with our friends how those moments came to be.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again in the future when we are ready to capture the next phase in our family.

Farrell and Shane Foley, La Cañada Flintridge

Thank you so much for the beautiful portraits of my family. My kids loved them all and we are very excited about them. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your art work.

The Garcia-Morales Family, Los Angeles

Oh Mark, it’s beautiful and wow, everyone in our family loves it. My new husband and I are so thrilled that we are lucky enough to have a Mark Robert Halper portrait. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It wasn’t until the artwork was properly hanging in our dining room that we realized the full impact of how you perfectly captured our spirit. We already know that my son will ultimately be the proud owner of this memento. Alexander and I thank you!

Ana Murman-Drucker, Portland

The pieces are beautiful. I hung the one of Alex standing with Hershel in my office this morning. It’s absolutely stunning.

I showed off the book and smaller pieces at the office when I returned yesterday to critical acclaim.  Thank you.

Elaine Lemke, Los Angeles

We want to let you know that the pictures look phenomenal is our home, and that everybody who enters our place comments on them. Thank you so much again, and we hope you are doing well.

Tom Kostrzewa, Goleta

Mark captured the essence of our family in each of his magical images. Giving our children the space to be themselves and create their own natural moments led to completely organic images that brought out the true spirit of each child. Mark is a perfectionist, and his artistic vision and eye for detail produced memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Shawnda Marmorstein, Los Olivos

We are loving our pictures!!! We hung the two large portraits in the spot we planned and they look beautiful! I find myself frequently just sitting and taking them in, they are so beautiful and peaceful.

They truly cause me to pause and reflect and find myself renewed after such a moment. These photos were extra special, if you recall, with this being a year of many milestones ~ Aaron and I both turned 40, Sarah graduated from high school and turned 21, Grace turned 5 and started kindergarten and Aaron and I celebrated ten years of marriage. The photos are a true reminder of the many blessings in our life.

Olivia Hinojosa, Pasadena

We will always look back on that day and remember how crazy and chaotic it was, yet somehow you captured our family in an amazing way. It’s kind of what our life is like. Hectic and stressful, sprinkled with moments of love and joy. We would always regret not owning our portraits.

Dave Wagg, Encino

Our investment in these timeless pieces is one of the best decisions we have made as a family and Mark is the most talented photographer and artist we have encountered. He put it perfectly when he said, “It is time to move on from white shirts and jeans on the beach.” He was right.

The portraits he did of our family, individually and together, are the most meaningful pieces of artwork we have in our home. His style is comfortable and relaxed, and he captures the most amazing emotion and family dynamic I have ever seen.

Stephanie Barrymore, Los Angeles

It was such a great experience, especially since we’re the kind of family that who never thought we would do something like this. Our kids were dreading coming, but Mark made it fun for them and they bought into the process and had a great time.

I know that I’m going to spend a lot of time just admiring our portraits. Thank you so very much!

Linda Wong, Manhattan Beach

We hung all of the framed pictures and the entire family like them tremendously. We have received numerous compliments from relatives and guests about the pieces.

Barb mentioned you to another photographer who said that you are well respected in the industry, and known for your work in black and white and for your lighting. Word gets around when you do good work.

Thanks for your diligence in this project. Again, this was a priceless experience.

Christopher Watkins, Los Angeles

From the moment we entered Mark’s studio he and his lovely wife Jennifer made us feel very comfortable. This was our first professional photo session as a family and Mark and Jennifer made it a lot of fun and were very good at getting our cranky toddler to participate.

Every time I look at our walls and see our family portraits I am so happy that we had them done. I will never tire of looking at them. Not only do they capture us as a family in a style that’s unforgettable, they are beautiful works of art that we will always treasure. Thanks again, Mark and Jennifer.

Robyn Kimbrough, Los Angeles

Our portraits turned out amazing. The photos truly captured our family. Thanks so much!

Steve, Stacie, and Parker Ritchie, Long Beach

Thank you so much for our fantastic experience on Saturday and last night. We were so touched by the work, your warmth, and your expertise. You are a terrific team.

Matthew Cook, Santa Barbara

We received all of the pictures, two are hung in our bedroom, and the family photo will be hung in our living room as soon as we get the ladder. They are just gorgeous! It’s like Christmas in August!

I’m so thrilled to have had the experience with your studio and to have met you and your staff. My husband Patrick was blown away by your photography and everyone so far who has seen them (including other professional photographers that we work with locally) are completely impressed.

Susan Newton, Seattle

I do feel that after first seeing your work that there could have been no other photographer for me. Your portraits speak volumes of the people, the faces, and the lives they’ve lived. I cannot tell you all that I see when I look at that stunning photograph of our little family. There is so much there for me.  It has touched me to the core. We just had to hang it immediately last night, and when we did, we were both moved to tears. Again.

What a pleasure to have spent time with you, Mark. A pleasure!

Denise Zofcin, Carmel

Mark Robert Halper has an amazing gift. What that man does with a subject, some light and a few directing words produces astounding results! My daughter and I truly loved the experience, from wardrobe coaching, through final presentation and framing.

Mark’s work has allowed us to view our inner spirit, bringing alive our souls and our mother-daughter connection. Thanks, Mark.

Wendy Pearce, Laguna Beach

Fine Art is an understatement of what you gave to our family. I cannot thank you enough for your absolutely amazing wall portrait and gorgeous albums of four generations of women.

I started out looking for a studio to take a few simple photos of me and my six-year old daughter.  After one conversation with you, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to also capture this moment in time with my grandmother, mother, and twin sister. Thank you so much for allowing me to see the moment in the first place so that I would bring everyone together. Then, thank you for so effortlessly capturing the essence of each of us in the portraits. The session was easy, and the portraits are stunning.

I have never seen us – the love, the connection, the moment – captured like that. The depth and beauty of each portrait is so incredible. Each portrait represents who we are and how we love each other. You see us laughing and hugging and loving one another so tenderly, so happily, in such amazing definition. Really, the portraits are so incredibly natural and fun and warm and truly beautiful. Thank you so very much. I smile every time I look at the wall portrait. As my grandmother says, it was the gift of a lifetime.

Marie Wrighten, Glendale