your family's photographic legacy...

Mark Robert Halper talks about creating and selecting your artwork.

Why will WE love halper fine art?

Come to our studio because you value your family more than anything else in the world and appreciate beautiful artwork. The portraiture that we create today will give you joy each and every day of your life, and will eventually be passed down to your children and their children. 

As an artist, I give my entire heart to my work, or I don't do it at all. Many of our clients have said that their portraits have become their most treasured possessions.

What is expected of Us?

• After you register your gift certificate, speak with us by telephone to reserve your session.
• Bring the appropriate clothing to your session.
• Return to the studio with your spouse on a later date to select your portraits

When will our photo session be scheduled?

We set aside our Saturdays and Sundays just for photography. Reserve your session time early, as we are often booked up far in advance.  

Where will our photography be done?

You can either visit us at our Los Angeles studio or at our Santa Ynez Retreat. As we work in studio, we suggest choosing the location that is closest to your home.

What do we need to know about the time leading up to our session?

We will provide detailed assistance to help you prepare for your session, so that the day itself is as stress-free as possible. We will ask you to dress in very dark colors, to bring multiple clothing options for each family member, and to arrive well rested, well fed, and with a positive attitude.  

What can we expect on the day of our session?

During your session, we will have time to create both group and individual portraits. I am usually supported by two photo assistants so that we can attend to your needs, as well as the needs of the photography. Our artwork is unlike that of other studio, so please don't be surprised if our process is also different from you might expect. Everything we do is geared to creating the best possible artwork and experience for you that we are able to provide. I have often been told that the kids have a lot of fun, and our artwork is well worth the extra effort that may be required as compared to a conventional picture studio.

How do we choose our portraits?

When the session is complete, we will sit down to schedule and discuss your order appointment. Order appointments are always attended by both parents of any children that we photograph, and are specifically designed to help you make the best possible decisions about which images to select for your home.  

In keeping with our standard of excellence, your portraits will be projected at actual size so that you will be able to see the full impact of your artwork. Projection is the only way for you to choose the most appropriate images and sizes for your home. Virtually all of our clients choose to make their investment at the order appointment itself, and we often offer financial incentives for doing so as it greatly simplifies the process for everybody involved. We do not offer online viewing, as it is not suitable for effectively selecting artwork and is almost certain to result in poor sizing and formatting decisions.

What is the cost of the artwork?

The cost of a portrait is often referred to as an investment. Our artwork will become increasingly valuable to you, as it is not only beautiful, but is a physical expressions of the love that you have for your family. A Mark Robert Halper original will endure when much of your other material property has been discarded and forgotten, and will be a treasured investment for future generations.

Session fees are nominal, and only offset a small portion of the process of creating your portraits. Studio session fees that you pay to us are fully refundable if you are not absolutely pleased with your portraiture, allowing you the freedom to only invest in the artwork that you love. 

The time, talent and resources that go into creating and painstaking retouching each or our photographic portraits is not at all unlike what involved in the creation of an original painting, and they are priced along similar lines. We will include a link with basic pricing information in your confirmation email.

Is this a high pressure sale?

Our goal is to create a pressure-free experience, although many clients have found that they love the work more than they had expected to, and the work itself can be naturally persuasive. To make the ordering experience enjoyable for you, on multiple occasions prior to this appointment we will review investment information with you. By measuring your walls in advance to your order appointment, you will be able to select the most appropriate sizes for your home. Allowing the suggested amount of time for your appointment will help to make sure you don't feel rushed or uncomfortable in your decision making process. If you choose not to invest with us, and we honor that decision with respect. 

When are Order Appointments scheduled?

In Los Angeles, appointment are scheduled on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (daytime or evening appointments are available). For our Santa Ynez clients, these are always done the following week on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


You may still have some unanswered questions. Call us. Denise and I are happy to help you in any way we can.

- Mark